Food Conveyor, Curved Conveyor & Conveyor Design

We are the Conveyor Designer which is able to make your products run like wind, like water. You can save your production speed for any application when running

CONVEYOR (Food, Mini, Magnetic,DC supply)

With our Japanese supplier that is expertse in Conveyor. We would like to offer the innovation and high experience in engineering for customers as below:

Our Conveyor Type

1.Food Conveyor (All material is Food grade)



Curve 45

Mini Belt

90 Curve


60 Curve

Control Gap

Plastic Mesh

Roller Conveyor



Application Ditribution



2.Mini Conveyor (We can make very small conveyor from 30 mm width)

3. Less Veyor (Magnetic Conveyor)

Magnetic Conveyor is the conveyor that is working by theory of magnetic drive. So that is no fiction and no dust from driving unit because there is no interfere or hitting of shaft and pulley. We have Straight, curve, slope,etc

4. DC Conveyor is the Conveyor that is using DC volt to drive.

5. Auto Stock System