Flux-less Vacuum Soldering Reflow machine

Ideal of high-quality soldering with formic acid reduction and compression process.
Requires no flux and its cleaning
Creates no splash in process and results for no viod

SQMX (Surface Quality Measuring machine)

​Metal Surface Cleanliness Measuring Machine. This Machine is for checking the clealiness of metal surface at high accuracy (angstorm)

Z-Cure (UV exposuring machine)


Z Cure UV exposuring machineis able to reduce outgas of adhesive around 50% compare to conventional UV exposure machine
We supply Adhesive to the global international company in various field of industry such as Mobile phone, Semiconductor, HDD, Touch Panel, Camera module in the brand name "World Rock" which supplies by Kyoritsu Chemical Japan. Our adhesive types are many kinds such as Non conductive glue (Acrelate, Epoxy), Conductive glue (Silver /Ag), 2 components glue, which is able to be cured by heat, UV

Dispensing system

With supplier of Dispensing system, valve and robot to custom applicationin the name of San ei tech.