PCB Gerber Inspection Machine


What is Gerber??

The Gerber is an open ASCII vector format for 2D binary images.. It is used by Printed circuit board (PCB) industry software to describe the printed circuit board images copper layers, solder mask, legend, etc.​​
Gerber is used in PCB & IC fabrication data..This data typically contains a Gerber file for each image layer (copper layers, solder mask, legend) Gerber is data such as photoplotters, legend printers, direct images or automated optical inspection (AOI) machines and viewing reference images in different departments. For assembly the fabrication data contains the solder paste layers and the central locations of components to create the stencil and place and bond the componets.

So Our machine will use the Gerber Data (Designated PCB drawing data) to be reference. Customers' PCB will be inspected from our machine follow to these function below:

  • 1. Legend of PCB (Circuit Printing on borad)
  • 2. Copper Layers Inspecting
  • 3. Solder Mask Layers Inspecting
  • 4. Components and Circuit inspecting as AOI machine
  • 5. Stencil Printing Inspecting

Remarks : This machine is able to inspect every layers of customers' products by no flaw & false at 100%