Software for Monitor & Control Robot & Servo motor

1. "WMX2"  64 Axis Motion Controller 

64 Axes of Versatile, Advanced Motion Control on EtherCAT.
Over 500 API functions, supports up to 256 threads
Includes EtherCAT Network Management APIs
Develop own customized original motion controller
Console and Network Management Tool included
All this, on a Windows PC.

WMX2 is a powerful new generation EtherCAT motion controller that grants flexibility and supreme performance to your customized motion solution. WMX2 is an EtherCAT Master developed from the ground-up, achieving superior, advanced motion functions on a single commercially available PC. No specialized interface board is needed.
The included powerful Windows class library supports up to 256 threads and includes over 500 API functions, which also includes APIs for EtherCAT network management. Developers can implement and embed custom high-end motion to their control specific to their needs with simple APIs, using Visual Studio 2008 and later (C/C++) and Microsoft.NET framework 2.0 and later as Windows application.


WMX2 Main Specification

Number of Axis, Channels  :
64 axes with up to 64 channels

Interpolation Types : 
Linear (64 axis), Arc (2 axis), Helical (3 axis)

Acceleration, Deceleration Types : 
(Motion Profiles) Trapezoidal, S-Curve (Jerk-Free), Jerk-Limited, Sinusoidal, Parabolic, Advanced S, Trapezoidal Moving Average Time, User specified profile. Acceleration and Deceleration profiles can be set separately.

Motion Control Functions :
JOG, Homing, PTP, List Motion, Path Interpolation, Buffered API Execution Mode (Sequential PTP, Trajectory Control), Spline Interpolation (Cubic-spline, etc.)

Override Functions :
Dynamically change target position (PTP) / velocity (PTP/DVC) and profile parameters during motion
Sync Control (Master-slave control) :
Max. 32 pairs (Multiple slave axes / Changing pairs supported) Gantry-axis control Skew compensation control with complete synchronization algorithm

Interpolation Cycle Default: 1ms (can be changed depending on the system: 0.25ms – 4ms depending on the system)
Position Synchronous Output Function (PSO):
Using PSO function of Original PSO module (EtherCAT), a rapid PSO is realized for inspection machines and laser cutting machines

Robot Control Functions :
Multiple robots of 6-axis articulated, SCARA, parallel, etc., can be simultaneously controlled up to 64 axes.

Synchronizes and interpolates :
general motion axes and robot arms

Supported Command Modes :
Position / Velocity / Torque (Transparent mode is available for Torque and Velocity)

Other Motion Functions :
Compensation (pitch error, backlash, straightness compensation), soft-landing

I/O Control Functions :
11,600 inputs/ 11,600 outputs. (over 1KB for each). Supports most commercial EtherCAT devices

Event Functions :
Motion command execution based on axis position and input events, etc. Event output to Windows

EtherCAT Master Functions :
CoE, FoE, DC Sync Supported, Line/Star/Ring Topologies, HotConnect, ColdConnect, Network Management API
Multi-Tasking Fully independent 64 axes with synchronized control

API supported Language :
C language (C/C +), .NET Framework (C#, VB)
Operating Environment :
Windows 7 (x86, x64) Windows Embedded Standard 7 (x86, 64)

Development Environment :
Visual Studio (C/C++) x86: 2008/2010/2012, x64: 2010/2012 Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or above

Hardware Requirements
OS Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit)
CPU / RAM Intel® Core™ i Series, or equivalent / RAM: 2GB+
* Limitation may apply for using Intel® Skylake family processors.
IDE Visual Studio (C/C++) x86: 2008/2010/2012, x64: 2010/2012 Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 or later
Compatible NIC Intel® I210-T1 Ethernet Server Adaptor (32-bit/64-bit system)
Other NICs are available only in 32-bit system. See our supported NIC list.
RTX supported NIC for EtherCAT

2. MXR2 All-in-one 64 Axis Motion Controller with Real time monitor

Real-Time, Competitive Advanced Motion Control on EtherCAT.
WMX2 APIs + Real-Time Advanced Motion/Function APIs
Includes EtherCAT Network Management APIs
Develop own customized original motion controller
Robot control option available for industrial robots
Console and Network Management Tool included
All this, on a single PC, within a Real-time Environment.