UV Lamp Machine  "Z CURE" & UV machine "HOYA"

Our Custom Design of UV exposuring mc will make it easy..

UV -IR (Z cure) "Holonix" 

UV machine is invented for using with adhesive which is curing by UV (Ultraviolet). This is conventional using of UV machine. As normal UV cured adhsive especially acrylate base has high outgas that is much concerned in the HDD and electronics cause outgas that is occurred from adhesive will make corosion to any componenets of electronics. That is why
they concerned on that. 
From our new Technology of UV exposuring machine. Holonix add the IR (Infared) into the wavelength of UV which IR will reduce outgas of adhesive at 3 times of normal outgas releasing. and another best point is reduce the problem of tactkiness of adhesive. So this is our new technology advantage point that is able to use for problem of outgas with any adhesive supplier in the name of "Z CURE"
Z cure is able to select 1. the intensity of UV and IR  2. Time of exposuring  and able to run online in production cause it is using PLC controller. So it is easy to link with any device and production line.

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UV LED Machine "Hoya"

Leader of LED UV machine of Japan    
Hoya LED lamp machine unit is very famous in Japan, we got big share of LED machine unit in industrial.
Hoya have varied kind of intensity power and shape of light that is right to each application.