Automation Project VDO

Application on the automation custom's design

From our experience, the machine we built is on the customer's custom design such as application Pick & Place, Vacuum, Tester machine, Auto assembly machine, Auto welding machine, Auto soldering machine, Auto press machine, AutoVision checking machine, etc. So we realize that there is no totally perfect machine from the design. It is very needed experience of design in automation field and able to understand all of every parts of equipment that will be effected to the design & function of machine. although, you study the mechnical and eletrical design but sometimes there are the tips that need experience to analyze each inquiry of machine and system. Besides that the knowledge of equipments are also important points to be used in designed machine. You need to know what is the equipments that are approprite to use in each project and what is the accuracy of them. So the automation design is the quite tough job. So for rreducing your tough job, we will release yours to be ours and work the best of machine for our customers.